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Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is the complex process of achieving a higher website ranking, organically on search engine results. Do you want to be the main supplier of your products or services in Surrey? Our Local SEO services can do just that! Our Surrey SEO agency gets your website to start appearing on Google’s front page when your relevant audience searches for your products or services. Our SEO services are a cost-effective way to rank higher in organic search and achieve the online marketing results your business desires.

Our main priority is achieving your version of success. That’s why getting to know your business, industry, and marketing objectives is our first step. It starts with one-on-one communication to understand goals, along with comprehensive site audit and all-inclusive research. Once everything has been examined, we are ready to implement a results-driven SEO approach specifically tailored for your business. Continual observation of performance, traffic and rankings will be conducted to guarantee that your website optimised to its full potential.

When it comes to search engine result rankings, our Surrey SEO agency offers the highest quality solutions in the industry. We have helped numerous businesses in Surrey improve their online ranking, bring in more leads and increase their revenue. Whether you’re a small local business or a major corporation, if you need reliable SEO services in Surrey, Finsbury Media is the SEO agency you need. Chat with an SEO expert today!

Surrey SEO Services

If you are a local business or a global corporation, search engine optimisation is an essential component for attracting potential customers. Our Surrey SEO agency focuses on getting your business noticed on Google, Yahoo and Bing through organic optimisation techniques. Our SEO specialist are certified in increasing organic keyword placement through innovative search engine optimisation techniques. Our Surrey SEO agency boosts your search ranking with a strategic combination of data-driven content marketing, blogging, link building and development of search engine-friendly websites. Here are a few of our website optimisation techniques:

On-page Optimisation- As a Google Premier Partner, we follow all of Google’s guidelines and best practices to ensure your website is optimised to increase your search engine ranking in an organic way. We make sure you rank in a way that doesn’t hurt your site authority or reputation.

SEO Content Development- Our Surrey SEO team develops unique SEO website content that’s optimised to boost rankings and provide you site visitors with engaging and valuable content; to establish your online credibility.

Link Building- Our Surrey SEO agency will organically build up and strengthen your ranking with our link building. We ensure that credible businesses and affiliations are linking to your website to help increase your website’s domain authority.


SEO is an essential element of any digital marketing plan. It is the process of getting your website to rank highly in search engines for relevant keywords relating to your business. This is where a good SEO company comes into play. Our bespoke SEO strategies are crafted to increase your visibility in front of interested customers, whether that is on a local or nationwide scale. We take pride in being the best SEO company in the UK. Finsbury Media is a digital agency that lives and breathes SEO. We will use our industry expertise to create valuable, targeted traffic, engaging content, and optimize all technical aspects of your website. Want to know more? Or have a free audit of your site? Get in touch today with Finsbury Media.

We utilise a different set of tools for our SEO campaigns, which allow us to see which keywords you currently rank for on a search engine, compared with which keywords you should be ranking for, to increase traffic. Based on this information we will be able to plan and implement a successful SEO strategy, using a variety of tactics that will make your website more visible in front of your target audience. Successful SEO campaigns involve us working closely together with you, which is why we offer complete transparency from the outset. SEO is unfortunately not as straightforward as us being able to promise to get you to number 1 position on Google overnight. However, over the course of a campaign, you will see how our research-driven strategies can deliver clearly visible long term results. We are experts in getting your website found online by your target audience. Using our dedicated SEO team we will work with you and deliver incredible results.

Our Approach

We consider SEO to be an art form. Search engines such as Google are intricate and complicated, with an ecosystem of ranking signals that SEO specialists have been trying to unravel for years. With its constantly changing algorithms, our passionate SEO team strives to understand, test and evaluate new ways to improve performance for our clients in and around Surrey.


We work closely with our clients to understand their business aims and research the industry thoroughly so that we’re best equipped when it comes to creating their SEO strategy.


After identifying issues and areas of optimisation we then develop specific recommendations to be implemented on and off-site. We can help to carry out these processes with our knowledge and expertise or alternatively work with you and your developer on a consultation basis.


We know how important it is to dive into the data and review our plans. This way, we can focus more on the tactics that work and change the ones that don’t. We are driven by the data and always strive to improve our processes for every client.

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Alex Mockford

Superb level of service. Harry and his team with their unique software have brought an increase in sales in which we never thought possible from an internet program. Personal service, solid pricing, healthy relationships with all the team – everything you’d want from a marketing partner. This always was a do-we/don’t-we situation at the start but can honestly recommend their services 100%, payback is immediate with R.O.I soaring past initial targets. A NO BRAINER FOR ANYONE LOOKING TO BOOST THEIR SALES.

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Rob Stone

Some of these reviews are clearly not real, probably competition. In fairness they did cold call me and provided evidence that they could do what they said. They halved me lead gen cost on adwords within a few days and without doubt using them was a good choice. Ignore the poor reviews, these guys know what they are doing and I highly recommend them.

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Marry Barry

Great company, we have dealt with lots of Digital Agencies over the last 10 years but none have given us a higher return on investment from our digital campaigns. We saw a 30% increase in the number of leads we generate off the web in less 4 then months.